Dental check-ups and hygienist services in Southend

At Apollo Dental Health Clinic, we firmly believe in a prevention-based, family-orientated, dental service. Preventing dental disease saves discomfort and pain, is less costly than treatment to correct things that have gone wrong, and keeps teeth natural for a healthy looking smile. Regular examinations means that a problem can be detected early, meaning the treatment to correct it is usually very simple, sometimes only requiring advice on changes to diet and cleaning patterns. 

Prevention starts at a young age. We encourage parents to bring their children along for check-ups as soon as they get their first teeth - usually at around the age of 6 months. This allows a child to get used to a pattern of regular dental examinations, so that they do not develop a fear of the dentist. It also allows us to monitor the growth and development of their dentition, and to give guidance to the parents on how to look after their child’s teeth with correct cleaning techniques and dietary advice.

Regular Check-Ups 

The road to maintaining a healthy mouth a natural-looking smile starts with a complete oral examination. During this examination, we will check for risk factors for oral disease, such as:

  • Medical conditions that can affect the mouth 
  • Smoking habits
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sugar intake
  • Dietary acid intake
  • Grinding/clenching habits
  • Tooth cleaning habits

We will examine:

  • The head and neck areas for any abnormalities - unusual or suspicious-looking lumps or skin lesions 
  • The jaw joints for abnormalities in joint movements 
  • All the soft tissues lining the mouth and upper part of the pharynx (the incidence of oral cancer is on the increase)
  • The gums to check for signs of gum disease - a condition that can lead to loss of teeth
  • The teeth, looking out for dental caries, fractures of teeth or restorations, signs of excessive wear
  • The occlusion - i.e. how the teeth meet in biting and chewing

Occasionally a check-up will include the taking of some x-rays to see areas not visible to the naked eye

Once we have completed our thorough examination, we will discuss with you any concerns or dislikes you may have with your teeth. Following all of this we will discuss with you any problems we find, your risks for future problems and what you can do to reduce these risks, and we will offer some solutions tailored to your specific needs, wishes, and circumstances.

Information Leaflets

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