Children's Dentistry

At Apollo Dental Health Clinic Ltd in Southend, we offer comprehensive prevention based dental care to our child patients. We feel that monitoring children’s developing dentition is of utmost importance, and we aim to do this in a calm, friendly environment.

We encourage parents to start bringing their children for check- ups from the age of 6 months, about when the milk teeth start to appear. This is so we can give appropriate advice to you, the parent, to ensure your child’s teeth remain healthy. Your child’s behavioural habits develop at an early age, and remain with them for the rest of their lives. It is important that we support you in nurturing the correct dietary and oral hygiene habits, so that your child will have beautiful, healthy teeth for life.

We will continue to monitor your child’s teeth every 6 months, to oversee the correct development of the dentition and pick up on any orthodontic treatment needs that may become apparent, such as crowding or incorrect tooth positioning.

The services we offer our child patients include:

Regular six-monthly check-ups with a dentist of your choice

Routine fissure sealing of the first adult molars as they erupt – this helps to prevent decay in teeth that are difficult for children to reach when cleaning

Appointments with our Oral Health Educator for instruction on the correct methods for tooth brushing.

Appointments outside of school hours -Out-of-hours emergency care, provided by us and not reliant on NHS direct

Worldwide accident and emergency cover (as part of Denplan for Children product only)

Fees for Children Aged 6-18 years:

Pay As You Go: The fees for children’s private dental care are calculated at 60% of the adult fee rates

Denplan for Children: £9 per month, per child.

Children Aged Under 6 years

Children aged under 6 years whose parent(s)/guardian(s) are regular patients of this practice*, or who have older siblings that are fee-paying patients, or are members of Denplan for Children, will receive free check-ups.

All other children under 6 years will be charged 60% of the adult fee rate.